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Coalescence, Chapter 4

Jon-ah sat on the cold ground, dejected, in the field-tent that was his impromptu prison. He wasn’t quite sure how they had found him, but the squad of Republic Commandos had been quite insistent that he accompany them back to the city. So insistent, in fact, that they had placed a pair of restraints on his wrists.

It had to have been a set up. A representative of a local mercenary group had contacted him, claiming to have information on the scientist he’d been following. He had been suspicious of the contact, something about him didn’t seem right, but the offer was too good to pass up.

It didn’t make sense. When he arrived at the designated co-ordinates, he was met not by his contact, or any mercenaries for that matter, but rather a small squad of Republic troops. Not that he wasn’t flattered by the size of his escort, but he couldn’t figure out why they had taken this approach.

The Republic could not have known about the case he was working, so they would not have known to make the bait so tempting in this way.  Unless, of course, they had been keeping tabs on him, but if that were the case, they would have hauled him in a long time ago. He was wanted badly enough that as soon as they learned anything at all about his whereabouts, they would have moved on him quickly.

They also would not have set him up like this. It would have been fast and direct.

Jon-ah wanted to smack his forehead. Had he completely forgotten all his training? His contact was an Imperial Agent, he had to be. He was too sterile with his neatly styled silver hair, his short and crisp gestures, and his tightly controlled speech. Everything about the man screamed Imperial Academy to someone trained to recognize it, even the style of his ocular implants. How could he have been so blind?

But why turn him over to Republic forces?

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Coalescence, Chapter 3

Lilandra stared at the slumbering Cathar in front of her, and could not understand what had possessed her to spare his life. She had found him broken and bleeding on the outskirts of the nearby city, and for some reason, felt compelled to bring him back to her bunker.

It could not have been compassion, could it? She had left that emotion behind when she learned what the Order had done to her lover. If it was resurfacing, that could prove to be problematic. At the very least, the emotion could seriously compromise her plans. Perhaps it would be best to simply kill the Cathar right now, quash the emotion before it had a chance to gain any traction.

She stood abruptly, crossed her right hand to the hilt of her lightsaber, fully intending to murder the Cathar right then and there, and paused.

Was it pity? Surely not; pity was hardly better than compassion. Pity, too, could ruin her plans; stay her hand at a critical moment. She had no room for that, best to be rid of the creature now.

And still…

Perhaps it was curiosity. She could sense the conflict within him. The darkness radiating from him, the raw emotion, told her he was Sith, or at least the former apprentice to a Sith. But she could also sense some sort of… light, for lack of a better word, buried deep inside him. The darkness was in control, of that much she was certain, but she also knew that its control was not absolute.

Yes, it had to be curiosity. She had no illusions that the encounter she had set into motion today would reach the desired result; it was merely the first step down a long path. And perhaps by studying the conflict within this hulking young Cathar, she could better understand the difference between anger and peace, rage and calm. An understanding that might prove valuable in coaxing her lover down the path of the Dark Side.

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Coalescence, Chapter 2

Braedyn awoke on a soft bed, perhaps the softest he’d ever slept on, and for a moment, luxuriated in the comfort. Only when his sluggish senses fully awakened did he realize that not only should he not have been so comfortable, but that there was another presence nearby. Slowly, to feign the last vestiges of sleepiness he only partly felt, he opened his eyes and leaned up on his elbow.

Sitting in a non-descript chair, staring off into the distance with unblinking eyes, sat a gorgeous red-headed human woman in simple brown robes. He could not help but notice the attention that must have gone into maintaining her hair, but her face was a plain sort of beauty. Until she realized he was awake and turned to face him fully.

The entire right side of her face was scarred, but at first glance, she didn’t appear to be self-conscious about the disfiguration. Rather, she looked upon him with the same distant gaze she had been using mere seconds ago. Braedyn’s hackles rose as he realized she was studying him.

Wary now, Braedyn extended his senses and was immediately assaulted by the strength of her presence. He sighed as he brought his awareness back inward and she raised an eyebrow inquisitively. Resignedly, he lay back down and closed his eyes.

She was Sith.

It looked like he had yet another new master.

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