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Coalescence, Chapter 5

The Jedi kept his hood up and his eyes down as he stepped off the bulk transport freighter with the other passengers. As was his custom in a new environment, he extended his senses to those around him, wary of ambush.

It was a nervous habit. But the ability to extend his senses in such a way was powered, in essence, by the paranoia behind the habit. It was a crutch, and he knew it, but he could not surrender it. He was in a warzone of sorts, after all.

Sensing no impending doom, he pushed back on his feelings of entrapment and shame and concentrated instead on the mission at hand. He was following the Jedi Sreya Alcyon per the Council’s orders. They apparently felt that Sreya was a loose cannon with Dark Side tendencies, and warranted close observation.

He chuckled wryly to himself at the irony of that. He had encountered Sreya a time or two at the temple on Tython, and was sure he had personally never met a more calm and peaceful Jedi. Meanwhile, his own emotions…

His thoughts were interrupted as he sensed an immediate and marked increase in tension in the nearby troopers garrisoned at the spaceport. Approaching the nearest trooper directly, he identified himself. “Trooper, I am Jedi Galo-ban Dulsaer, on a mission for the Jedi Council. What is the current situation?”

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