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Coalescence, Chapter 15

Brae-dyn awoke from his sleep to the sight of a small, blonde human woman with a cybernetic cover over her left eye and wearing Republic armor standing near him. His battle-hardened senses quickly took in the rest of his surroundings: another Republic trooper was standing in the doorway while a young Zabrak Jedi was helping an older Jedi down from his restraints.


That was his order. To kill, maim, and destroy, but to give the Zabrak a chance to escape. Brae-dyn had been trained to be an instrument of death. This order was nothing new, nor was it beyond his capabilities. Continue reading


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Coalescence, Chapter 14

Sreya stood in the doorway, taking in the sight of her. She was as beautiful now as she’d ever been to him, and he knew in that moment that he still loved her, that he could never stop loving her.

Her emotions surged over him, threatening to entwine with his. It was a mixture of relief, betrayal, loss, gladness, and something else. Sreya focused on that kernel until he knew what it was: uncertainty.

She reached up as if to stroke her copper strands of hair, and Sreya couldn’t help but smile. From the day they’d met, she’d known how her hair had caught his attention, and would always play it up when she was uncertain of his affection.

He smiled nostalgically, and he smiled with hope.

“Lilandra,” he started, and then stopped. He had no idea what to say to her. A thousand times he’d dreamt of finding her, and yet was not prepared to speak. Nothing seemed adequate.

She smiled back at him, probably sensing his own emotions. It was almost as if they were replaying the first day they’d met.

But that wasn’t right. It was like a familiar dream that wasn’t playing out the way it was supposed to. There was something else here, something else that was not present on that first day. Something dark…  Continue reading

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Coalescence, Chapter 13

Sreya dismounted from his speeder and approached a rusted field lab with wariness in his steps. His robes rustled as he walked; the air around him was hot and still. Nearby, short gnarled trees stood silent watch, unmoving sentinels.

The silence was thick, no birds, no insects, no wind. He resisted the urge to speak aloud to make sure he hadn’t suddenly lost all hearing.

He stopped a few feet shy of the entrance, uncertainty rearing its ugly, serpentine head. This was an encounter years in the making, and he was not sure he was ready for it. Continue reading

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Coalescence, Chapter 12

Lilandra studied the elder Jedi as he hung, suspended in the air by energy restraints at his wrists and feet. He was in his sixties, if she had to guess by the lines on his face and the mess of gray hair on his head.

Not for the first time, she marveled at what the Force could do for someone. He had been rather tenacious in their encounter, given his age. But it was what had fueled that tenacity that had sparked her interest.

Fear. Anger. These were not the ways of the Jedi.

Lilandra smiled softly with delight as she tentatively reached out to stroke his face, but stopped herself just short of his bearded cheek. Between this Jedi and her new apprentice, she might finally have the subjects she needed, the answers she craved.

She could sense the Dark in this Jedi just as easily as she sensed the Light in her Cathar. Two contradictions, surely the answers to bringing her love back to her lay within these two men. She just needed to discover what made them tick. Continue reading

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Coalescence, Chapter 11

Couryn plopped down on the ground, exhaustion threatening to overtake him, and stared vacantly into the sky. In some distant part of his mind, the tactical side that was always running, he realized that Katrynne had finished stabilizing the few survivors of the attack that she could, and was now attempting to get the transport up and running. The walker was too far gone, but he figured Katrynne just needed something to do.

Dimly, he tried to recollect the events that had led him here, so swiftly and suddenly to a bloody battlefield and a squad all but annihilated.

The base had received a tip that a fugitive was meeting with someone at these co-ordinates. Couryn and his squad had been dispatched to the location where they found the fugitive, Jon-ah, practically waiting for them.

Why the man hadn’t tried to escape on their approach, Couryn wasn’t quite sure, but he suspected that Jon-ah hadn’t been entirely able to leave his training or his loyalties behind. Instead of running, the fugitive had quickly tried to warn them of an attack.

The attack came, just as Jon-ah said it would, and went south fast. If not for the fortuitous arrival of the gray-haired Jedi, the mercs probably would have overwhelmed their position rather handily. But just when they seemed to be in the clear, the ferocious Sith woman appeared, toyed with the old Jedi for a minute or two, and then left with him unconscious and strapped across the back of her speeder.

Finally, another two Jedi had shown up, one of whom had proceeded to immediately turn his focus to healing the survivors. Then, just as suddenly, this healer, the senior of the two Jedi, had left in pursuit of the Sith over the objections of his student. And now, said student was pacing. Continue reading

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Coalescence, Chapter 10

Jon-ah was yanked back to consciousness by the sound of speeders arriving. As far as different ways of waking up go, this particular sound wasn’t high on his list. His head pounded from the noise, and he put his hand up to his forehead to ease the pressure. Instead, he got a handful of half-dried blood.

“Oh yeah,” he muttered to no one in particular, “battle.”

“Master! This one’s alive!” an eager young voice exclaimed.

Slowly, Jon-ah opened his eyes. Or rather, his conscious state began to filter the input from his ocular implants. It was bright.

Jon-ah squinted. “I need a hat. Something stylish yet imposing, you know?”

“Easy there,” the young voice said, kneeling beside him. Still squinting, Jon-ah realized the voice was attached to a young Zabrak in simple brown robes. The Zabrak was attempting to help Jon-ah sit up.

“Master, he’s injured.”

Jon-ah turned to look in the direction the Zabrak was speaking, and was rewarded with a spinning view of his surroundings. His equilibrium must have been knocked out of whack by whatever gave him the gooey forehead, and the implants were trying to compensate.

“Whoa, dizzy,” he said.

“Easy, friend,” the Zabrak told him again. “You’ve got a nasty head injury there. Let my master take a look at it.”

The Zabrak’s master turned out to be a human, probably close to Jon-ah’s age somewhere in the early thirties, with a full dark-brown beard, a worn blue robe, and the gentlest eyes he’d ever seen.

Not that he usually took stock of another man’s eyes.

The man squinted in the sun-light as he visually examined Jon-ah’s head wound, and then rested a hand on Jon-ah’s shoulder. “It’s nothing serious, you’ll be fine.”

He felt a warmth flow from his shoulder up his neck and around from the back of his head to the front, where the wound on his forehead tickled and itched. The deep throbbing pressure in his head subsided into a mild ache.

Jon-ah stared in amazement at the man. He’d never been healed by a Jedi before.

“Who are you?”

The man stood, proffering Jon-ah a hand, which he took.

“My name is Sreya Alcyon,” the Jedi responded as he helped Jon-ah to his feet. “And this is my padawan, Ky-an.” Continue reading

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