Coalescence, Chapter 16

Ky-an desperately struggled to roll off his back, but he felt as though a weight pressed down against his chest holding him down. His entire head throbbed in pain, the room spun, but he could not let the brute get away.

Finally he pulled himself to his feet. The Cathar, all six of them, shook their heads in tandem as Ky-an managed to lift his lightsaber halfway to a guard stance. Shaking his own head to clear his vision only sent him down to a knee, pain stabbing at his temples.

And then he felt nothing. A wave of calm, utter peace descended upon him. He stood painlessly and offered his opponent a resolute gaze. He lifted his lightsaber effortlessly, pointing it straight at the Sith, who stared back in shock.

Without the torrential pain, Ky-an felt a sense of utter clarity. He flourished his lightsaber lightly, and ended his maneuver in a stance with his left hand extended, palm up. He waved his fingers in a “come on” motion, ready to take on even the Emporer himself.

In the doorway, his master appeared. “That’s enough,” he said calmly, and looking at Ky-an, “both of you.”

Relief should have flooded through him, but oddly, he maintained complete control over his emotions. Was this what it was like to be a full Jedi?

Addressing the Sith, Sreya continued. “We both know your master’s orders were to leave him alive.”

Slowly, and all but simultaneously, both Sith and Jedi lowered their weapons. Sreya appeared focused in a way that Ky-an had never seen before.

“I can sense that you want to try your hand with me, but I can also sense that you have not yet been completely consumed by the Dark Side, so allow me to offer an alternative.”

The Cathar said nothing, but neither did he attack.

“Come with us,” Sreya continued. “The Council will take you in, help you. I sense much pain, we can help you heal.”

For the first time, the Sith spoke. “Your offer is generous, but I cannot. I must stay with my master.”

Sreya merely nodded. “I can appreciate your loyalty, misguided though it may be. But know this: down her path lies certain ruin.”

Ky-an watched as his master stepped aside, motioning that the Cathar would be allowed to leave through the doorway, and then as the Sith warily began to walk past Sreya, the Jedi placed a hand on his shoulder and whispered a few words to him.

The Sith looked at him with surprise before nodding and leaving the room. With the immediate danger past, Ky-an extinguished his lightsaber and practically bounded over to Sreya.

“Master! I feel great, I should be a mess, but I feel nothing! Why did you let the Sith go? Together we could have captured him!”

Sreya raised a hand to interrupt him. “Ky-an, calm down. You feel no pain right now because I am focusing my battle meditation on you.”

Ky-an blinked, “Oh.”

“I could not have fought him and maintained my focus simultaneously; I’m not terribly skilled at this. Frankly, I’m glad he didn’t decide to try his hand at taking on the both of us.”

Ky-an’s face dropped, crestfallen. “What did you say to him, as he passed you?”

Sadness filled Sreya’s eyes as they met his own. “I told him that his master wasn’t completely gone, and asked him to protect her.”

“I don’t understand…” Ky-an trailed off.

“I know,” his master replied. “I’ll explain… later. But for now, I need to heal you and the others. I’m sorry Ky-an, but like I said, I’m not good at this battle meditation. I can’t heal you and maintain it at the same time, so I’m going to have to drop it. This will probably hurt. A lot.”

Ky-an promptly passed out.


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  1. demurediva

    Poor Ky-an! *pets*

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