Coalescence, Epilogue

Calys leaned back at his desk in the small Imperial command center he had established, steepling his fingers, and watched the holo-recording of Gaedyn’s full report on the events at Tallista III.

If everything had truly played out according to Lilandra’s design, he had his work cut out for him; she was going to be quite the handful. There were several players now in her little drama, to be sure, but Calys felt confident that, from Gaedyn’s full report, identifying their weaknesses and subsequently pulling their strings would prove simple enough.

But what he did not know was what had happened in that abandoned laboratory. Gaedyn had believed that Lilandra was attempting to force some sort of confrontation between herself and the Jedi Sreya Alcyon. What the agent had observed shortly after everyone’s arrival left Calys quite intrigued.

According to Gaedyn, Lilandra had shown up with an older Jedi strapped across her speeder. Not long after that, the Jedi Sreya had shown up alone. And finally, the Jedi’s apprentice and a couple of troopers had shown up.

Gaedyn had then observed the Jedi’s party leaving the laboratory, albeit much the worse for wear. The padawan and the older Jedi seemed to have suffered fairly extensive injuries, but it appeared as though the troopers had not escaped harm either.

Given that the lone Jedi was able to retrieve his wounded and unconscious allies from the laboratory unimpeded and minister their wounds without apparent concern for his safety, the agent had come to the likely conclusion that Lilandra and her apprentice had been bested.

Calys was unsure why Gaedyn had stayed to observe the laboratory from a cliff-top instead of entering it to investigate. Perhaps he had trusted a hunch, but the agent was usually more by-the-book than that. Regardless, not long after the Jedi’s party left, Lilandra and her apprentice had exited the building, apparently uninjured, and left in another direction.

Curious indeed. Had the two parties come to some sort of an arrangement? As untouched as Lilandra and her apprentice appeared, they had clearly obtained the upper hand. Why had they allowed the Jedi and his allies to leave?

Calys laid his hands down flat on the table and allowed himself a deep breath mixed with feelings of frustration and excitement. What had happened in that laboratory?

The Cathar allowed the corners of his mouth to lift in a small smile. This was going to be a very interesting assignment after all.

The End of the Beginning…


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