Metamorphosis, Chapter 1

Galo-ban stepped off the small transport shuttle with the few other passengers stopping on this planet, and paused, letting them push past him as he gathered his surroundings. Sindara V was a small mining planet in the Outer Rim, and as such, its spaceport was bare-bones. A few sparks flew to his right as a maintenance technician welded something to a rickety power supply, and steam sprouted from a vent nearby.

Adjusting his hood, the Jedi follow the few offloading passengers towards the only marked exit, keeping an eye out for a directory console. It was not long before he came across one, evidently the only working console in the spaceport, as a long queue had formed in front of it. With a frown, Galo-ban joined the line, trying in vain to suppress a flash of impatience.

The line slowly shortened as the various users found the information they wanted and went about on their way, until finally Galo-ban found himself next in line. Unfortunately, the elderly Zabrak in front of him was having difficulty with the console. After waiting what felt like an eternity for the console-challenged Zabrak to find his information, Galo-ban finally tapped the man on the shoulder.

“Can I help you with that, sir?” he asked, trying to keep any gruffness out of his voice.

The Zabrak turned to look at him, and just stared for a moment, as if trying to comprehend the old Jedi’s question. Finally, he shook his head, and muttered a response.

“No, thanks, I think I’ve got this.”

Frowning, Galo-ban resumed his wait, until at last he could wait no more. Tapping the man once more on the shoulder, this time he reached out with his mind as well as he spoke, feeling the Force’s connection between them.

“Sir, I think you’re done here. You’re ready to move on.”

Blinking in confusion, the Zabrak looked once more at Galo-ban, then back at the console.

“I, uh, think I’m done here. I’ll just be moving on.” And with that, Galo-ban had access to the terminal.

He knew Sreya had been here between three to four weeks ago and stayed for less than a day, but that was all he knew. He doubted the young man could have accomplished anything nefarious here, but the council was wary of Jedi such as Sreya, and Galo-ban had standing orders to keep tabs on any activity that was not official council business.

Scrolling through the console’s user history, Galo-ban was lucky that Sreya had not bothered to delete his entry. The young Jedi had in fact been here, three weeks and two days ago. And it looked like he had accessed the public information directory and obtained contact information for one Tark Mano.

Galo-ban entered the contact information in his own datapad, logged off and stepped away from the terminal. It was time to give Tark Mano a call.


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