Metamorphosis, Chapter 3

Galo-ban gathered his thoughts before transmitting the holocall to Tark Mano. He had no idea what Sreya had wanted with the man, but based on some quick research, Mano was clearly a career criminal with a wealthy backer. To be honest, Galo-ban was not surprised.

Technically, the Sindara system was a member of the Republic, but this far away from the Core Worlds, small planets such as this were ripe for criminal exploitation. Spice trades, credit laundering, smuggling dens and slave rings were prevalent; even gladiatorial matches were not uncommon. Galo-ban had not committed the time to a more extensive investigation into Mano’s employer, so he didn’t know who or what his boss was, but Tark Mano himself appeared to be in charge of a small slaving ring and a smuggler’s den.

Deciding to take the “business” approach, Galo-ban dialed up Tark’s contact information on the communicator, and waited for his image to appear. He had to wait longer than he expected to, and when Mano finally answered, he appeared agitated to Galo-ban’s eye.

“Who is this?” he asked.

Addressing the display, Galo-ban replied. “My name is Galo-ban Dulsaer, and I have a business proposition for you.”

The holographic image frowned. “Business, huh? What kind of business?”

“I’m looking for information about a man who recently contacted you, and I’m willing to pay for it.”

Tark appeared preoccupied, he answered too quickly. “Sure. I’ll send my location to your comm device.”

And with that, the holographic image flickered out. Galo-ban raised a wary eyebrow at his communicator. That had been far too easy to arrange. In the pit of his stomach, a bad feeling was beginning to form.


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