Metamorphosis, Chapter 5

The shuttle flight to Tark Mano’s was a solid three hours, low orbit, so Galo-ban decided to use the time to meditate. He had been growing more and more agitated since the holocall, and he needed to be calm and in control before his meeting with Mano.

Galo-ban chuffed at the irony. The first line of the Jedi Code was “there is no emotion, there is peace.” And yet, before the Sacking of Coruscant, before memories too painful to recall, he could barely harness the Force. If trouble arose in his meeting with Mano, and the more agitated he got, the more he felt the Force was telling him that it would, it would be his emotions that allowed him to access the Force’s strength.

Memories. Too painful to recall. Too painful to forget.

Friends. Younglings. Talia. Jade.

If he had learned to access this strength before the attack, maybe he could have protected them. If he had been this strong before the attack, he never would have been in a position to meet Talia and raise a family.

Galo-ban shook his head. Like so many times before, this line of thought got him no-where. Neither anger nor peace presided.

With a sigh, he gave up his meditation attempts. His master had always said Galo-ban gave up on his meditation far too quickly. How long ago had he actually had a master? But it was for the better. If trouble found him, he did not want to be at peace.

He would fight for peace, for the Jedi, and for the Republic with whatever tools were available to him. Including the enemy’s.

And with that, he found peace.


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