The Alcyon Legacy is a work of fiction, based on a group of characters I have created for a game called Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s not exactly fan-fiction, since I created the characters myself, but it’s probably the closest description. At any rate, this is intended for my own entertainment and as writing practice, but just as with practicing a musical instrument at home, if someone else happens to be listening in and enjoying it, so much the better.

Cast of Characters:

Sreya Alcyon

Sreya HoloNet ImageJedi Master Sreya has led a troubled life full of loss; it is not one that he likes to dwell on. Though he maintains a calm demeanor, the ghosts of his past haunt him daily. Driven by this past to prevent the suffering of as many beings as he can, he has to sometimes be reminded that he cannot take the weight of the entire galaxy on his shoulders. He relies heavily on the Force to maintain serenity.

Katrynne Whitestar

Katrynne HoloNet ImageKatrynne is a former beauty queen contestant whose future was drastically altered when a rival hired a bounty hunter to scar her face. Coming from a poor family, her only chance to elevate her station in life was through the pageantry; her family was unable to afford the surgery to restore her features, so cybernetics was the only option. Now, more comfortable around droids than people, she has joined the Republic military as a combat medic.

Galo-ban Dulsaer

An aging Jedi, Galo-ban started his training late. Initially discharged from the Jedi Academy and assigned to the Archives as a clerk due to a simple lack of ability, he was readmitted when the Sith attack on Coruscant resulted in the death of his wife and daughter. Fueled by a carefully hidden anger, the increase in ability and determination that justified his return to the Academy also found him quickly surpassing his peers and passing his trials.

Galo-ban still believes in the Jedi code, and fights for the Republic, but struggles to suppress his hatred for the Empire. He now walks a fine line between darkness and light, often succumbing to the phrase: “the ends justify the means.”


Ky-an HoloNet ImageThis eager young Jedi Knight has only recently passed his trials under the tutelage of Master Sreya. Orphaned as a small child, he has no memory of his parents. He does, however, remember the 12 years he spent growing up in an orphanage on Nar Shadda, where he developed a passion for defending the smaller kids targeted by bullies.

Everything is new to Ky-an, he’s known little more than the orphanage and the Academy. He can be a bit naïve and too trusting of people, with the exception of someone he perceives as a bully, to whom he will take an instant dislike. He has developed a mild case of hero-worship regarding his former master, and attempts to emulate his calm demeanor, with varying degrees of success.


Ru-tan was a simple merchant on a simple world before his wife became deathly ill. They spent all their life’s savings and then some on doctors and miracle cures, but to no avail. Unwilling to let go, he indebted himself to a Hutt in order to pay to have his wife frozen in carbonite until he could find a cure. Unable to repay the Hutt in a timely manner, the Hutt took his frozen wife as collateral.

Now neck deep in debt, to a Hutt no less, Ru-tan plies the galactic space lanes, working for the Hutt until his debts are paid off. His obsession, however, is finding a cure for his wife.


Couryn HoloNet ImageThe straight-laced, disinherited, oldest son of a minor noble on Alderaan, Courynn is Republic military to the core. He’s faced a life of persecution from his step-mother, who would rather see her own sons ambitions come to fruition, and left it all behind out of frustration. Brave and idealistic, cool and calm under pressure, Courynn is the perfect squad mate, always willing to risk his neck for a fellow soldier, and never failing to put it all on the line.


“Long live the Empire” might as well be Gaedyn’s personal motto. He genuinely believes the rigid order of Imperial control is the best way to keep the galaxy from collapsing in a fiery ball of chaos, and has made it his life’s work to uphold the Empire and all it stands for, by any means necessary. To him, the Empire exists to protect its citizens, and it’s a citizen’s duty to protect the Empire. And the law of the land has given him permission to operate outside the law in order to keep natural chaos from breaking down the system.

Unfortunately, the Sith don’t quite see it that way. Gaedyn secretly seethes at their lust for power, deplores their careless use of Imperial resources, and detests their undisciplined every-man-for-himself approach. To him, the Sith should further the interests of the Empire, not the other way around.


This fallen Jedi has completely embraced the Dark Side. She sees the Sith Empire as a means to an end: the destruction of all Jedi, save Sreya himself, for the pain and suffering they caused him. Her only other goal is to enlighten Sreya to the “true” nature of the Force in the hopes that they will be reunited. Mentally unbalanced, there is nothing that she will not do if it brings her closer to one of her two goals.


Brae’dyn is a confused man. Apprenticed from a young age to a mad Sith who was convinced Brae’dyn had great potential for destruction, he has known only a lifestyle of hate, anger, and death. Until the day something stirred in his heart, and he refused an order given to him by his master. Naturally, the Sith beat him to a pulp and left him for dead.

Found and nursed to health by Lilandra, he finds himself once more apprenticed to an insane Sith practitioner. Only this time, he can sense the turmoil within his new master. He has witnessed firsthand power fueled by anger, but these conflicting emotions are forcing him to re-evaluate his outlook on the Force.

Lord Calys




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