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Coalescence, Epilogue

Calys leaned back at his desk in the small Imperial command center he had established, steepling his fingers, and watched the holo-recording of Gaedyn’s full report on the events at Tallista III.

If everything had truly played out according to Lilandra’s design, he had his work cut out for him; she was going to be quite the handful. There were several players now in her little drama, to be sure, but Calys felt confident that, from Gaedyn’s full report, identifying their weaknesses and subsequently pulling their strings would prove simple enough.

But what he did not know was what had happened in that abandoned laboratory. Gaedyn had believed that Lilandra was attempting to force some sort of confrontation between herself and the Jedi Sreya Alcyon. What the agent had observed shortly after everyone’s arrival left Calys quite intrigued. Continue reading


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Coalescence, Chapter 17

Sreya grunted with effort as, with Couryn’s help, he carefully laid Galo-ban down outside the laboratory, next to Ky-an. He wanted to get the group out of the building as quickly as possible, he was more than a little concerned that Lilandra and her apprentice might change their minds, and the inside of that building was a death trap.

Katrynne was already providing some basic first aid to the young padawan, despite the bruises and possible broken bones she herself bore from the encounter. Sreya’s meager efforts with the battle meditation had left him far more drained than he had anticipated, so for the moment, Katrynne’s medpac was the extent of the medical attention either of the two unconscious Jedi would be receiving. Continue reading

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Coalescence, Chapter 16

Ky-an desperately struggled to roll off his back, but he felt as though a weight pressed down against his chest holding him down. His entire head throbbed in pain, the room spun, but he could not let the brute get away.

Finally he pulled himself to his feet. The Cathar, all six of them, shook their heads in tandem as Ky-an managed to lift his lightsaber halfway to a guard stance. Shaking his own head to clear his vision only sent him down to a knee, pain stabbing at his temples.

And then he felt nothing. A wave of calm, utter peace descended upon him. He stood painlessly and offered his opponent a resolute gaze. He lifted his lightsaber effortlessly, pointing it straight at the Sith, who stared back in shock. Continue reading

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Coalescence, Chapter 15

Brae-dyn awoke from his sleep to the sight of a small, blonde human woman with a cybernetic cover over her left eye and wearing Republic armor standing near him. His battle-hardened senses quickly took in the rest of his surroundings: another Republic trooper was standing in the doorway while a young Zabrak Jedi was helping an older Jedi down from his restraints.


That was his order. To kill, maim, and destroy, but to give the Zabrak a chance to escape. Brae-dyn had been trained to be an instrument of death. This order was nothing new, nor was it beyond his capabilities. Continue reading

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Coalescence, Chapter 14

Sreya stood in the doorway, taking in the sight of her. She was as beautiful now as she’d ever been to him, and he knew in that moment that he still loved her, that he could never stop loving her.

Her emotions surged over him, threatening to entwine with his. It was a mixture of relief, betrayal, loss, gladness, and something else. Sreya focused on that kernel until he knew what it was: uncertainty.

She reached up as if to stroke her copper strands of hair, and Sreya couldn’t help but smile. From the day they’d met, she’d known how her hair had caught his attention, and would always play it up when she was uncertain of his affection.

He smiled nostalgically, and he smiled with hope.

“Lilandra,” he started, and then stopped. He had no idea what to say to her. A thousand times he’d dreamt of finding her, and yet was not prepared to speak. Nothing seemed adequate.

She smiled back at him, probably sensing his own emotions. It was almost as if they were replaying the first day they’d met.

But that wasn’t right. It was like a familiar dream that wasn’t playing out the way it was supposed to. There was something else here, something else that was not present on that first day. Something dark…  Continue reading

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Coalescence, Chapter 13

Sreya dismounted from his speeder and approached a rusted field lab with wariness in his steps. His robes rustled as he walked; the air around him was hot and still. Nearby, short gnarled trees stood silent watch, unmoving sentinels.

The silence was thick, no birds, no insects, no wind. He resisted the urge to speak aloud to make sure he hadn’t suddenly lost all hearing.

He stopped a few feet shy of the entrance, uncertainty rearing its ugly, serpentine head. This was an encounter years in the making, and he was not sure he was ready for it. Continue reading

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Coalescence, Chapter 12

Lilandra studied the elder Jedi as he hung, suspended in the air by energy restraints at his wrists and feet. He was in his sixties, if she had to guess by the lines on his face and the mess of gray hair on his head.

Not for the first time, she marveled at what the Force could do for someone. He had been rather tenacious in their encounter, given his age. But it was what had fueled that tenacity that had sparked her interest.

Fear. Anger. These were not the ways of the Jedi.

Lilandra smiled softly with delight as she tentatively reached out to stroke his face, but stopped herself just short of his bearded cheek. Between this Jedi and her new apprentice, she might finally have the subjects she needed, the answers she craved.

She could sense the Dark in this Jedi just as easily as she sensed the Light in her Cathar. Two contradictions, surely the answers to bringing her love back to her lay within these two men. She just needed to discover what made them tick. Continue reading

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